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Conversation lesson: Man who wears all his clothes


We all want our students to feel motivated to come to our class, right?

The other day I watched the enlightening and inspirational webinar “Motivating the Unmotivated” by Ken Wilson delivered at the British Council. I was particularly sparked by the first activity he used to arouse students’ curiosity with an intriguing image of a man eating a bicycle tire. Images can be so powerful! That set me off to write this very lesson plan. My main aim is to make students curious and keen to discuss the topic and I’ve decided to choose a funny piece of news.

You can find the Lesson Material here ( presentation and notes) or download it here:  All the clothes( pdf file).

Activity: Debate / Pair work 

 Topic:  Weird News

 Age group : Adults 

 Time: 1h

 Level: B1

 Language point: Giving opinions, speculating, predicting

Lesson Notes 

Slide 1

Arouse your students’ curiosity –  Ask them : Who do you think he is? What happened to him? What did he do? If they say the man is wearing lots of clothes, ask : Why is he wearing all those clothes?

Slide 2 

Provide more details : Show the full picture of the man and headline. Elicit some answers.

Ask them :

  • Would you wear all your clothes to avoid paying extra bag fees?

  • If you were broke and decided to wear all your clothes, would you take a picture and post on social media?
  • Would you convince your partner to wear all their clothes as well?

Let them answer in pairs and elicit some answers. Tell students they will read the full story in the next slide.

Slide 3 –  no notes
Slide 4 
 Give students 20 seconds to scan the text and check if their answers were correct. Set a timer and tell them to stop reading ( or move to the next slide) when 20 seconds is up.

Questions and answers :

  • How much was the fee he didn’t want to pay? £45
  • What did he wear?  T-shirts, sweaters, pants and a pair of shoes sticking out of his pocket.

  • Where was he travelling from and to? From Wales to Iceland

  • Was he alone? No, he was travelling with his girlfriend.

You may want to explain and give examples of the new lexical terms : To drop money, frugal, _____ ( number) bloody quid, to layer on his clothes, ludicrous, massively flustered Michelin man, to endure extra questioning.

Slide 5

Pair up students for this task. Ensure male students pair up with a female student so that he can give his opinions about her choice. Encourage them to make questions and explain their choices.

Eg : What will you do with your beach bag?

      I will throw it away because it’s too old.

     And your maxi dress?

     I will have to wear it because it was my daughter’s birthday present, it’s too expensive to throw away.

Thanks for reading.


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