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Interview with Marcela Cintra


I met Marcela in September while attending her very own talk on Professional Development and I left the talk quite impressed by her generosity and a genuine passion for teaching. I remember thinking to myself  “I have to interview her for my blog!


Marcela is a manager at Cultura Inglesa São Paulo and BrazTesol 2nd Vice President ( as of 2017). She has taught English for 20 years ( she started teaching when she was 14 years old, in a voluntary programme), has been involved in teacher training and development programmes and presented in Braz-TESOL and IATEFL conferences. She’s also a DELTA, CELTA, and ICELT tutor. Besides that, she is currently taking an MA course in TESOL. In a nutshell, she’s cut out for teaching!

In this uplifting chat, we talked about the importance of CPD (especially when it comes to giving and receiving constructive feedback), some reasons why she likes writing down everything people tell her and other useful tips for teachers.

You can watch the first part here.

You can watch the second part here.

Here’s Marcela’s blog post about Feedback that is mentioned in the interview: Richmond Share

Thanks for reading!


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