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Interview with Vinícius Nobre: “Critical thinking is not a set of activities.”

No, Vinicius Nobre is not my cousin or a relative (but we wish we were, it would be so much fun!).



The Nobres finally united


Vinícius, aka Vinnie( as he likes to be called), is one of the most important names in ELT in Brazil, being highly respected by the ELT community. His determination to make a difference and drive are contagious, not to mention the fact that he is extremely caring, fun and knowledgeable. I absolutely adore him!

If you have attended his talks, courses or have worked with him, you know how passionate about teaching he is, right?

If you haven’t, you’ll enjoy watching this interview.

Watch Part 1 here

Watch Part 2 here


Vinícius’ book Getting Into Teacher Education: A Handbook