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PARSNIP Conversation Lesson: Dear Daddy, I will be called a whore

Warning: This lesson plan contains strong  and explicit language related to rape and domestic violence. 



I have meant to create this lesson plan for quite a long time, I must admit. I usually tackle PARSNIP issues in my classes, and I like it very much, though I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea. For this lesson, I used CARE Norway’s viral video: In a spoken letter to her father, a girl tells her dad what her life is going to be like because of misogyny.


Obviously, this is not a lesson that should be used with any student or group. Not only should the teacher feel comfortable with the topic but also know their students very well before deciding to use it.


I feel very strongly about the issue of slut-shaming, domestic violence, rape and women’s right – I believe they are topics everyone has strong opinions about, and we should not turn a blind eye to such controversial issues. I tried my best to prepare an unbiased lesson plan, but it is impossible not to give away my position about women’s rights. The statistics are shocking, and I believe that, as educators, we should cater for a wide range of feelings, opinions, and choices – without downplaying our own because our beliefs make us who we are.
This lesson is aimed at students with B2 level or above. I hope you find it useful and I’d love to hear your feedback.


Lesson Plan as PPT –  Here 

Lesson Plan as PDF file – conversation-lesson-b2-dear-daddy

Teachers’ Notes and Suggestions – Here

Student’s Worksheet – deardaddyworksheet



Thanks for reading.