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Using a Fellow Teacher’s Lesson Plan


When a fellow teacher uses your lesson plan and gives you thoughtful and honest feedback…

I can’t express in words how delighted and grateful I am for this.

Thanks so much, Matthew!

Muddles into Maxims

[Another between-courses post here, written while I’m mostly doing office and planning stuff and teaching the TP students, trying to keep…and grow…our community of learners]

Someteachers in the ELT world create unique, inspired lessons and then freely share the lesson plans ontheir blogs. I know. It’s pretty darn cool! We’re talking full-scale usable lesson plans here: nicely produced printable class materials, links to online media, even expertly-crafted teacher’s notes.

One of those teachers is Cecilia Nobre. She’s on twitter here and blogs at the highly recommended https://cecilianobreelt.wordpress.com/, which includes interviews with fellow teachers (including me, a big fat honor!). Every post is smart, fresh, and insightful. What more can I say, Cecilia simply rocks!


On November 7th, 2016, Cecilia shared thisvery wellput together lesson plan with the world:

Conversation lesson: Do you mind if I take your picture? A lesson based on Humans Of NewYork


Now, this…

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